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Compiled November 4, 2004

Rob Mowery


Version 1.0


Document History






Initial Draft

Rob Mowery


Updated with more

Rob Mowery


Business Management (ERP -- billing, etc.)  ***VERY NICE **  (Customer relationship management) (accounting) (projet management) (document management) (LIVE Help --- the COOOLEST) (Post-it notes) (Document management)


Application Servers                           (JBOSS)


Productivity Tools (diagram installer) (open source diagramming tool – Visio replacement) (MS Office replacement)  (IE replacement) (Outlook Replacement) (Report Design Tools) (reporting Engine) (Calendar, etc.)


User Management     (LDAP)  (GUI for LDAP) (GUI for LDAP) (GUI for LDAP)


Messaging  (collaborative messaging)


System Tools (Opensource VPN Comparison Chart (quick server provisioning VERY NICE)  (web server) (Clustering) (SQL database) (application server) (Fantisco Install) (Web Proxy Cache) (Control panel themes) (mail server)





Security (list of opensource VPN)  (OpenSource VPN) (SSL) (Anti-hacker tool) (Darik’s Boot-N-Nuke) (keep passwords safe) (Network Security)




Database Tools (OLAP) (DB Interface) (search engine) (Employee Scheduler) (PHP Timeclock) (graphical application for managing bibliographical databases)


Development Tools (Cross platform GUI tools)  (.NET Business Rule Engine) (Software Automation and Testing) (bug tracker) (seagull PHP Framework) (PHP repository) (java Open source internent framework) (Code Generation for pHp and DB forms) (SwingSet is an Open Toolkit for Making Java Swing Database-Aware) (JE22 Application Framework) (GUI Look and Feel for Java) (GUI -- commercial but cheap)


Spiders and Crawlers  (spider and indexer) (RSS Parser) (crawler) (news group crawler) (PHP Crawler)  (AI Agents)



GIS  (moving mapping using GPS) (GIS System)




Game Development Tools (Clean gaming scroll engine) (Authoring Tool) (C# Gaming Engine) (game mapping) (cross platform 3-D engine)


Learning Management Systems  (Open Source Learning Management System) (ATutor --- really well done) (another nice one)  (Course Design Tools --- TOTALLY AWESOME)


Miscellaneous  (Home Automation) (photo gallery) (photo Archive) (Electronics simulator) (MP3 Streamer) (Gate Security System)

The Open Media Lending Database (OpenDb) is an extremely flexible application to catalogue all sorts of things including DVD, VCD, CD, VHS, GAMES, BOOKS & Laser Discs


Howto’s (VERY NICE GUIDES)  (good one on linux)


Books  (Succeeding with OpenSource)


Articles (Article on Novell),3959,599086,00.asp (Novell releases) (OpenSource and VoIP)


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